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The Circle

The Circle represents unity in diversity, wholeness in family & friendships and eternal harmony. Without a beginning or an end, without sides or corners, the circle is a single unified entity.

The Lotus

The Circle holds the lotus motif. The lotus flower in many eastern cultures is symbolic of self-regeneration and rebirth. While being deeply rooted in it's origin it rises above the water, reincarnates and adapts to the changing environment. It responds to day and night differently. It blossoms into something captivating and beautiful but also closes up when it needs to. This symbol holds a special meaning to the South Asian immigrant families across generations who have come to this land, who have brought along their culture and tradition and given it a new form and meaning so that this trend can be continued onto future generations.

The lotus petals represent the different sub-communities that make up the South Asian diaspora of Hopkinton.