Community Impact

Reflecting on the last 5 years' timeline...

You stepped in and participated in online events and raised $1,650 towards Project Just Because and exceeded our goal of $1,500

Young women in STEM is a SACH scholarship program to support young women from low income families  who want to pursue an education in STEM. We work with the Hopkinton High School counselors for this program. 

Since the inaugural year of this program, we've received an overwhelming number of applications. So in 2022, SACH decided to increase the number of scholarships and have begun offering 2 scholarships annually. 

Your support helped raise funds towards the HHS Diversity club's activities and events. 

Your participation at DiwHoliday Gala 2022 made a difference!

Your support keeps us going...


Join us in our mission to make a difference in Hopkinton! 

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South Asian Circle of Hopkinton Inc.
Tax Exempt Organization status: 501c3 Non-profit
EIN - 83-1814970