Congratulations Junaid!

Junaid completed the 127th Boston Marathon 2023

The South Asian Circle of Hopkinton (SACH) was thrilled and honored to have Junaid, a journalist and international runner, with a tremendous record of achievements all around, running for the 127th Boston Marathon on Monday April 17, 2023 and raising funds for SACH! 

In the last couple of years, Junaid has run over 50 half marathons in Pakistan, Albania, UK, USA and 3 full marathons including the Istanbul Marathon in 2021.   

"Through my passion for running, I aspire to run more marathons to raise funds for charity that benefits communities, healthcare, environment, public development and in doing my little part to create a better world. I AM RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON IN APRIL of 2023! I hope you'll support me in this endeavor and in raising funds for SACH, whose mission is to bridge communities, celebrate diversity and advocate civic engagement by organizing events & educational programs for all age groups."

About Junaid

Junaid is a news anchor and reporter, originally from Lahore, Pakistan, having his ancestral roots in India & Bangladesh, and is currently based in Karachi, where he's lived for more than a decade now. In his journalistic career he led many special news coverages in Pakistan, India, UK, & USA. He is passionate about advocating for Women's rights, democracy and education. In the past 15 years he has worked on several platforms including Radio, Newspaper and Television and has worked with UNESCO

His passion includes sports like soccer and cricket in addition to running. Throughout his career, he has worked with South Asian communities in United States and United Kingdom, specially during the news coverage of the US Presidential Elections of 2016 for Geo News. Junaid trains and runs with Seaview Runners Club in Karachi.

Achievements and Awards

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