Jeffrey runs Boston!

Finisher of JFK 50-miler Ultra Marathon, 2 World Majors - Chicago and Berlin, International Speaker, Leader, Philanthropist. 

Training to run the 128th Boston Marathon in April 2024.

The South Asian Circle of Hopkinton (SACH) is thrilled and honored to have Jeffrey Kreafle, an international runner and leader, running the 128th Boston Marathon on Monday April 15, 2024, and raising funds for SACH! 

In the past couple of years, Jeffrey has run several marathons, including two world majors (Berlin and Chicago) as well as several ultra-marathons, most recently the JFK 50-miler, the oldest ultra-marathon in the USA.

“I am fortunate to be involved with the two sports that play a critical role in worldwide philanthropy - Golf and Running! By opening this door into the Boston Marathon for me, SACH proves once again that their mission to bridge communities, celebrate diversity and advocate civic engagement is not just a hope—but a daily reality. Please support me in this effort to raise funds for SACH, so they can continue to not just open, but run through, doors of opportunity."

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey is the chief executive of one of the top country clubs in the world, Congressional Country Club. Located just outside of Washington, DC, his club supports many communities and has one of the most diverse memberships and staff of any club in the country. He is highly regarded in his profession and has been invited to Asia several times to speak about leadership and the field of golf management.

In addition to family and work, his passions include a revived focus on fitness. Like many of us, over the years, his commitments to family and work easily took away his focus on fitness. As he approached his 50th birthday, he knew that needed to change. Through a systematic approach to sleep, diet, and exercise, he has been able to radically transform his personal fitness and translate that back into additional success at home and work (and running). 

Achievements and Awards