Our Mission

South Asian Circle of Hopkinton (SACH) is a community based 501c3 public non-profit organization founded in September of 2018 with a mission to bring together the collective strength, celebrate the culture and share the vibrant spirit of the South Asian diaspora of Hopkinton.

Connecting the South Asian Community of Hopkinton with the town's larger community, Celebrating the Diverse Culture of the regions, Advocating Civic Engagement, and extending Hopkinton's Circle of Support.

We do so through our 4 pillars:

  1. Celebrating Culture:
    Organizing events that celebrate the culture of South Asia, and enrich the spirit of the diverse and inclusive community living in Hopkinton.

  2. Community Outreach:
    Finding avenues for members of the South Asian community to volunteer their efforts in areas of Education, Social Planning, Arts and Science, and channel them into programs that will benefit Hopkinton residents of all age groups.

  3. Civic Engagement:
    Advocating active community involvement and civic engagement by partnering with other local organizations and town agencies to spread awareness about Hopkinton’s history, happenings and promoting growth and support.

  4. Circle of Support:
    Providing a circle of support to one and all in Hopkinton, by extending friendships, lending a hand when needed, participating in larger community events and helping make Hopkinton a great town to work and live in.