Starting August 18th, 2020, we launched this campaign - #ConversationsNotConspiracies, to urge all residents of Hopkinton to have open conversations. When you spread conspiracies, it deeply hurts communities! We need more #ConversationsNotConspiracies. We used artwork contributed by Hopkinton community artists and students of all age groups towards this campaign.

This campaign is an initiative in the light of recent incidents in Hopkinton to fight prejudice against certain communities .

#ConversationsNotConspiracies is intended to showcase a series of artwork through a journey that starts with shock, pain and anger to show how conspiracies can impact communities. The journey then moves to a more positive message focusing on healing and the impact of conversations .

We are planning to continue this campaign through the course of next year in bigger ways. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to communications@southasiancircleofhopkinton.org

On Conflict (A Haiku)

Embrace new ideas.
Empathy not Apathy.
Don't hate just Relate.

Contributed by an 8th grader who loves writing Haikus. The only way to resolve conflict is by relating to each other through conversations and embracing new ideas. #conversationsnotconspiracies

Student Contributor: Arin

Grade: 8

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Conspiracies Stain Communities

Conspiracies leave a stain in our communities and works against uniting us as people of diverse backgrounds and cultures! We need #conversationsnotconspiracies

Community Contributor: Charusmitha Ram

Conspiracies Choke Communities

When you spread conspiracies, it deeply hurts communities! We need #conversationsnotconspiracies

Community Contributor: Charusmitha Ram

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Consumed by Guile | Consumed by Love

Contributed by an 8th Grader. Intended as a retrospection of where you are in the spectrum and the feelings that each side evokes. We cannot allow conspiracies to consume us, we need love! #conversationsnotconspiracies

Student Contributor: Neha

Grade: 8

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Opening a Conversation

Aarav, a 4th grader, cleverly illustrates the importance of opening a conversation using an interactive cover to 'open' the card and seek answers. He also uses the interplay of colors by mapping them to the words and figures to communicate his message. Opening a conversation can fix things and make it right! #conversationsnotconspiracies

Student Contributor: Aarav

Grade: 4

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Unboxing Conversations

Hopkinton has a multi-faceted, multi-cultural community. Let's 'unbox the conversations' from all sides!

Student Contributor: Navin

Grade: 3

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Spread Kindness Not Hate

Contributed by a 5th Grader. Mira is a fan of Manga comics and has been exploring the 'Anime' style to express herself. This is one of her anime portraits to spread the message of kindness.

Student Contributor: Mira

Grade: 5

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Break the Silos

Let's break the silos and start with conversations. #conversationsnotconspiracies.

Community Contributor: Charusmitha Ram

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